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Wild Chld

Wild Child - Molly O'Keefe

I struggled with this book. If I hadn't read Molly O'Keefe previously, or if it hadn't been an ARC I might have put it down in the beginning. I didn't connect to this "Wild Child" that was blowing into town to research her past. I didn't connect to the uptight mayor - surprisingly since I'm uptight myself. I kept with the story because of the above mentioned factors and slowly became more interested. The characters started to develop some depth and things got more interesting. Sadly, in the end I felt like that wasn't enough to make me love the book. There were a few things - like with the book - that I felt could have been clarified, or just wrapped up more. The plot was okay, but not strong or truly exciting enough to elicit any deep emotional reaction. I wish I had happier review, but in the long run it's forgettable. I wish the author good luck in future endeavors. I see a spark of something, but it's not there yet.