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Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster

I'm not  an erotica reader. Despite this, I somehow ended up with an erotica book through NetGalley. I tend to send my requests in in mass quantity and I must not have been paying attention. I didn't want to read this book, but I'm OCD. Since I requested it I have to read it. I managed to put it off for two weeks, but it sat there on my dashboard taunting me. I caved. Next time I need to follow my instincts and just say no. 

This book was terrible. I'll even leave out the horrific public masturbation scene in which a man "sprays" the crowd and the crowd is too stupid to know what's about to happen until seconds before.

Or maybe it's:

 I'm even going to ignore the horribly written sex scenes that I had to do my best to skim past since I didn't know whether to cringe or laugh at the bad writing. I'm simply going to focus on the plot while reviewing to be fair.

Essentially, this book is about a group of Manhattanite friends and the evolution of Taddy Brill. When we first meet Taddy she's a vapid, but successful PR guru that has an obsession with fashion, hot football players, and pretty much any built man with a penis. She's the type of character that could drive me to a cat fight. She's incredibly shallow, but not so shallow that she doesn't take care of those closest to her. A boob job for her assistant who can't seem to look anywhere but at Taddy's well endowed cleavage. Hurrah! Taddy does show a decent side when she helps out her friends mother, but then she reverts back to form. 

Her vagazzled magesty then meets Warner Truman. Almost an exact replica for her "fantasy" footballer, Warner is the perpetual rich man who just wants to be loved for himself. Despite the cliche, he's actually the saving grave of the story that managed to get me to keep reading. (Although, it was mostly the OCD.) Drama ensues and the story progresses. One minute Taddy is a sex goddess with a million toys and special rooms, the next she's magically never done that before. (Rolls eyes.) The plot could have worked, but Taddy just seemed like a waste of a decent male lead. She goes back and forth between needing to be slapped and growing as a character until you get your typical happily ever after. If ending in a torture/pleasure room is the thing for you...
(To be fair, there isn't actually any "torture" in the book. Although reading about a woman using the pedicure chair to make herself happy was painful.)