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Waiting On You (Hqn)

Waiting On You - Kristan Higgins Waiting On You was a fun, kooky jaunt through the life of a small town matchmaker. There were moments when I enjoyed the story, and others when it got a little too cheesy for me... Ultimately it was the characters that kept me interested despite some of the craziness. They all seemed like genuinely good people and you wanted to keep reading to hear about them.
I felt like I had missed something in one or two places, but after checking I realized that's just because I was coming into the middle of a series. It worked as a standalone, but would have been even more effective had I read the previous two stories.
I recommend this book for when you just need to escape from the reality and stresses of life. It's a fun, light read and some of the goofy drama might even get you to crack a smile.