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Spies and Prejudice

Spies and Prejudice - Talia Vance image

3.5 This poor author has to hate being constantly compared to Veronica Mars, but the home dynamics make it impossible not to make the comparison. The single dad, mystery behind the mom death, the snarky teenage daughter PI... Heck, even the dog plays a similar roll, although this time it's a St. Bernard. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Veronica Mars, and I really enjoyed the story, but the whole time I was picturing Kristen Bell in my head because the differences weren't significant enough for me to develop my own character. Jason just became a white, gay version of Wallace.
I'll be honest with you, I hope this turns out to be a series. I read it because of the comparisons and with the exception of the characters snark being a little weak, I had fun. There's been a marshmallow size hole in whole in my heart for years and it helped fill that in just a little bit.