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Do or Die: Reluctant Heroes

Do or Die - Suzanne Brockmann I'm not sure if I'm biased, but I tend to really like Suzanne Brockmann's stories. Strong male leads, strong females, and bad guys that are such horrible people that they make you sick your stomach. It wasn't as intense as the airplane scene in troubleshooters, but the book still had quite a bit of tension. "Cuba" was great.
I liked the plot, but at times it felt almost like I were reading two different books. I got lost in the whole marina scene and forgot about the team of people waiting to come into play. There were a lot of minor plots that kept things interesting, Sometimes they gelled, but sometimes they felt like the two plots were too far apart. Also, who were the men in black? I get that they needed to come out of nowhere, but I felt like I needed to know who they were before the book ended. The troubleshooters? Or, someone that will appear in future books?
I had fun reading this one and it makes me want to go back and finish her previous series. I've been saving the books since I'm fairly confident they're all good to great. I save Brockmann for when I'm in a reading slump because I can depend on her for motivation.