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The Trouble With Honor

The Trouble With Honor - Julia London

The Trouble With Honor was a an enjoyable tale that's worth betting on. Honor did. In order to save her and her family she must make a bet with a rogue. In a bet of seduction and manipulation, Honor attempts to buy her sisters family some time from the potential ruin they will meet when her stepbrother marries her nemesis. 
I understand the thought process behind Honor's decisions, but she is also a tad selfish. However, I can look at things from her perspective and see how Honor would have felt given her interactions with all people present. Also, while marrying to save your family was a big thing back in those days, it's not something many would willingly do. Particularly when there was such an importance on begating heirs. I get that some people still marry old codgers for money, but the thought still makes me cringe.
Despite a few personality bumps, I got to the end of the story having enjoyed myself and looking forward to the next book in the series.