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Up in Flames

Up In Flames: Body HeatCaught in the Act (Hqn) - Lori Foster

This book is a mixed review for me. I adore Lori Foster and I always have a lot of fun reading her books. In a rare turn of events, I struggled through Body Heat (2 stars) . Luckily, Caught in the Act (3.75 stars) was right back to fulfilling my expectations.

Body Heat:
This was your typical stranded on a deserted island story. You can see where Foster tries really hard to make the story unique and interesting, but it was hard to connect to the main characters on more than a superficial level. If it hadn't been written by Lori Foster I would have put the book down. I hate saying that, but I the characters failed to illicit any type of emotion. The brother did spark my interest a little bit, but he was a minor character and it was a case of too little, too late.

Caught in the Act:
This story was SO much better than the first. It felt more like a book from Foster. The romantic connection happens quickly, but for once I didn't really mind. I loved the supporting characters and it was easy to get sucked into the story. My only complaint is that I felt like I was missing out on a previous book. It felt like supporting characters had been apart of a series I've never read. Turns out they were. If I had known before hand I would have read all the books first. It wasn't necessary since Foster provides a little bit of a background, but I'm OCD that way. Dane, Alec and the rest of the cast have managed to add an extra series onto my TBR list.