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Not Quite a Wife

Not Quite a Wife - Mary Jo Putney

A lot of historical romance novels tend to reuse the same plots over and over again. I really enjoyed Not Quite a Wife because it mixed a few of the normal events up. Putney's characters were separated years prior to the setting of the story. They weren't separated by when someone was lost at sea, got amnesia, or some other overly dramatic event. Laurel made a conscious decision to leave. That's rare in the historical romance genre. On top of that, the climax of the book isn't caused by a bad guy that's obsessed with Laurel,trying to get back at her husband, gain a title, or land. It's caused by someone who has something else he's after. The climax of the book is pretty predictable if you're paying attention to foreshadowing, but that's okay. Putney brings in all of our favorites from past Lost Lords stories. It was fun to get to experience them all again. The series is definitely worth the read.