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Once Perfect

Once Perfect - Cecy Robson

Once Perfect was a wonderful read. I love that the author took time to build the characters. They didn't meet one day and the next they're practically engaged. This reads more like a real relationship that takes time to progress. Evie and Mateo have had equally troublesome pasts. Despite that, and while they're still vulnerable, they both have an inner strength that's great to see. Evie doesn't have an alpha personality, but she refuses to cower when it's truly important. I think that's a great balance for her. She's not the strongest female character in the world, but she's not someone to walk over either. That's a fine line that authors tend to struggle with when writing about people with traumatic pasts and Robson did a wonderful job. 
While Mateo and Evie are great, the supporting cast of characters are pretty special too. At first I wasn't thrilled with the girls at the club, or the owner, but over time they grew on me. Although, I'm a little terrified of Sam now. TMI! I loved Mateo's sisters and I'm very excited to follow them into future books. I can't wait to read about Sophia.