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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Killer Instinct was so much fun to read. I have had to train myself to put books down by a certain time every night since I now have to be at work before dawn, but I broke my rule with this book. I'm not normally fascinated by serial killers. I honestly think societies fascination with them is sickening and they don't deserve the attention. All that attention just feeds into their egos. Because of this I tend to avoid books about serial killers. That being said, I have read a bit from Barnes before and while some aren't the greatest books in the world, they're generally fun reads so I gave The Naturals a chance.
After receiving an ARC copy, I picked up book one and quickly realized this is by far my favorite series by Barnes. Book two solidified that belief. If it had just been about the killings, I would have found myself indifferent. Instead, I was fascinated by the kids and the way their minds worked. I liked the profiling. It was fun to watch how the naturals manage to unravel the smallest details. I was able to predict one of the plot twists pretty early on from all of the clues, but there was still more twists to come. I had some ideas of possibilities, but I came to be certain around the same time the characters did. I love that Barnes was able to still have some secrets stashed away. It would have still been enjoyable, but that made it better.
I haven't seen any comments about whether there will be more books in this series, but she's certainly left the possibilities open. I hope her publishers allow her to get past book two. Each of her series feel like they needed one or two more books to make them complete, so I'd be happy if this was the series to finally get the green light.