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No Limits

No Limits - Lori Foster

I've written this review twice and both times it got deleted before I can post so here's a summary of the things I wanted to say: 

First, let me start by saying that I was excited to see that we were finally getting a book about Cannon. I was also excited to get MMA fighters back. 
Cannon and Yvette were fun to follow and I really enjoy watching their story unfold. Normally I'm put off a little by the fact that I've already got the conclusion figured out before I'm even half way through the book, but I was so caught up in their story, the minor plot lines of the supporting characters and the few cameos from Love Undercover characters, that I didn't really mind. I will say that I felt like one of the "bad" characters was superfluous and distracted from the overall book. It melded well with the story itself, but in the grand scheme of things it was just extra and took away from opportunities for Forester to develop the main plot line, which would have strengthened the book. 
What Foster did really well in No Limits, was set up the supporting characters for future stories. She got me interested in continuing the series and seeing how their tales unfold.